"You are the universe in ecstatic motion" - Rumi

Humanity and the natural world are bound together in a sometimes harmonious, sometimes precarious, relationship. Just as we are shaped by our surroundings: our planet is affected by the way we live. Ecopsychology explores this interrelationship, recognizing the earth as the ultimate source and context of human life.

All too frequently, human minds attempt to squeeze a large and complex world into a narrow worldview. Inevitably then, we struggle to comprehend the world in all its fullness. Inconvenient questions as to our dependence on the interrelationships that support life on this planet, tend to get left out of everyday discourse. Like a shattered mirror, the disorientating and distracting facets of urban life have fragmented our experience of the world we live in.

Ecopsychology embraces a psychology that serves all life. Looking beyond our human-centredness, it raises awareness of the deep and subtle communion between human and other-than-human consciousness.