Effective supervision is a supportive and co-creative process that provides practitioners with a safe place to reflect on their client work. Ideally, open and sensitive communication fosters a relationship of trust and mutual respect to develop between supervisor and supervisee. 

Whether online or in person, I offer a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental space while ensuring supervisees feel sufficiently supported regarding boundaries and client containment. Supervision serves a variety of important functions which include: i) offering the supervisee a sounding board that provides alternative perspectives concerning client work, ii) attending to safe and ethical practice, iii) and supporting the supervisee in mitigating stress and attending to their own needs for self-care thereby lessening the risk of ‘burnout’.

I hold a Diploma in Supervision from CSTD (Centre for Supervision Training & Development – The CSTD Training is a 'Recognised Supervisor Training' (RST) by the HIPC College of UKCP and I listed on the UKCP Supervisors Registry. I offer supervision at £60 for a 50-minute session. I provide supervision either online or in person, from a dedicated consulting room at my home in Batheaston. Please get in contact if you are a counsellor, therapist, facilitator or coach who would be interested in working with me.

In our work together, we will apply a number of different models to explore different perspectives on your client work, including Kegan's (1992, 1998, 2002) constructive developmental theory and Hawkins and MacMahon's (2020) seven-eyed model. Methodologically, I draw on from a broad range of psychological approaches, including person-centred, psychodynamic, gestalt, object relations and transpersonal.

In session, I encourage each supervisee to talk openly about their experience as a practitioner and bring any concerns they might have regarding their capacity to work with clients. I approachsupervision as a collaborative and reflexive co-inquiry, which attends to the ongoing professional and personal development of both supervisor and supervisee. My supervisory concern extends beyond the relationship between client and therapist to considers the wider relational, transpersonal and ecopsychological contexts in which the supervisee and I exist.

Sessions are private and confidential except for the purposes of my own supervision of supervision, which I have an ethical obligation to attend, or where I consider you or your client to be at risk of harm or hurting others. My cancellation policy is to charge a full fee where a session is cancelled less than a week from the appointment time.