I work with colleagues to offer a number of workshop and training events throughout the year. 

In association with training organisation, The Open Way, and transpersonal network, the Conscious Collective, I will be offering the following events and workshops in 2023.  For up-to-date news on courses and workshops, and information on latest future events, visit or send your email address to 

Please contact me on 07543 225011 for information or to book your place. Alternatively, you can “Like”, or choose to follow the Peter Crowe Counselling & Psychotherapy facebook page.

Introductory events

'The Open Way' offer three free introductory evenings each year to introduce 'The Discovery of Will, course, ourselves as facilitators, psychosynthesis and Self-psychology held at venues in South West England. 

Psychosynthesis seeks to comprehend human being through the integrative context of synthesis – the universal tendency toward evolution that shapes all life. This spiritual path is for each of us to discover. While some feel an affiliation to a specific religious view, this is not the case for everyone. For others, there may simply be a growing sense of there being something more to life than the habitual patterns of behaviour we associate with our personalities. 

These introductory evenings are a chance to meet us and ask any questions you have about the inclusive frame of psychosynthesis and how it shapes our programmes. Each event is free of charge and open to anyone with an interest in attending The Discovery of Will or any other of our standalone workshops. In addition to gaining an overview of the courses, you will be encouraged to share your own experience and discover first hand how integral experiential learning is to all our courses. 

Facilitators: Peter Crowe and Samantha Cairns

Dates of introductory evenings in 2022:

We are offering free 2-hour online introduction sessions to psychosynthesis and 'The Discovery of Will' course. Our next evening sessions will be held between 7-9pm on:

  • Monday 10 January 2023

Please let us know if you are interested in attending. Email Peter at There is no charge for this event.

The Discovery of Will

‘The Discovery of Will’ course brings together experiential and theoretical learning to introduce the basic concepts and principles of psychosynthesis. These four-day intensives are structured to help those looking to find a meaningful path through what Keats called this “vale of soulmaking”. Accordingly, participants are encouraged to reflect on their unique journey of soulmaking, putting their own experience at the centre of their learning and comprehension. While each person becomes the subject of own enquiry, they may also use the group to explore questions of choice and intimacy by deciding which aspects of their personal story they share and which they elect to keep to themselves.  

The discovery of the will in oneself, and even more the realization that the self and the will are intimately connected, may come as a real revelation which can change, often radically, a [person’s] self-awareness and [one’s] whole attitude toward [oneself], other people, and the world. [One] perceives that he [or she] is a “living subject” endowed with the power to choose, to relate, to bring about changes in his own personality, in others, in circumstances. This enhanced awareness, this “awakening” and vision of new, unlimited potentialities for inner expansion and outer action, gives a new feeling of confidence, security, joy—a sense of “wholeness.”

Roberto Assagioli: The Act of Will. 1973

Dates and format

This consecutive four-day course takes place at the Well Spirituality Centre, Elsie Briggs House, Westbury-on-Trym, 38 Church Rd, Bristol BS9 3EQ on the following dates in 2022:

  • 11 – 14 March (inclusive)
  • 13 – 16 May (inclusive)

  • 7 – 10 October (inclusive)

‘The Discovery of Will’ is delivered as a four-day intensive and during this time participants will explore how unexamined patterns and default behaviours shape the ways we experience, respond to and understand the world. As humans we rely on patterns in order to respond to the intricacies of everyday living, yet these behavioural defaults don’t always remain as effective as they once were, and recognizing how these both serve – as well as limit – our purpose, opens up opportunities for new ways of reading situations and responding to the information available to us. 

Participants will learn to identify, and ultimately disidentify, from those serving and limiting aspects of their personalities and thus begin to discern what Assagioli called the ‘loving observer’: that part that is both at the core of each one of us while also connecting to something “above and beyond” our exclusive concerns. In this way, we may get clearer as to what we value and is meaningful to us. Shifting our relationship with those aspects of our personality that we struggle with through compassion and acceptance, we can gradually bring diverse and sometimes conflicting elements together in an organic and purposive whole.

Designed as an introduction to the essential methodology of psychosynthesis, the course will be of particular value to people wanting to explore themselves at a deeper level as well as those professionals interested in applying the inclusive frame of psychosynthesis to their own fields. It is particularly appropriate for individuals at a critical juncture in the their lives and seeking clarity and direction: for those feeling called to attend more to the spiritual aspect of their lives; and/or for those for those who having achieved a number of goals are now wondering ‘what’s next’. ‘The Discovery of Will’ offers a transformative and enriching opportunity for personal development and spiritual discovery via a programme that encourages you to open to possibility, embrace your potentiality, and explore creative insights and inspiration.

Course content

On ‘The Discovery of Will’ course we will address the follow topics:

  • The language of inner experience and the psychosynthesis model of the psyche
  • Body, feelings and mind – a dynamic information system
  • Identification and dis-identification
  • Recognising and working with subpersonalities
  • Freedom of choice and cultivating will
  • Imagination and creative expression
  • Opening to superconscious experiences and Self
  • Synthesis and evolution
  • Reflective, receptive and creative meditation

As part of the course, each person will have the opportunity to meet individually with a psychosynthesis psychotherapist so that they can explore their own process in depth

N.B. Attendance on ‘The Discovery of Will’ course is a pre-requisite for the year-long ‘All That We May Be’ programme, nonetheless, the course forms a unique opportunity to deepen your personal and/or spiritual journey whether or not you intend to continue your studies in psychosynthesis.

Application procedure

‘The Discovery of Will’ programme is open to anyone who considers they have the necessary self-capacity to manage the four-day intensive. People aged 25 years or over will probably find the course of most value, but there are exceptions. If you are interested in applying, please visit for more details.