Conscious couples

“All couples argue,” says writer, researcher and psychotherapist, Peter Crowe, “but the trick is to agree rules about how to keep those disagreements safe. If you do that, the energy created during arguments can be used to draw you together rather than driving you apart.

“It is when we’re at our most tested that we need to find the courage to listen from the heart…oh, and to be able to hold onto our sense of humour!”

Peter is hosting a workshop called Conscious Couples: Building a robust and intimate relationship on Saturday May 23 at The Practice Rooms, 15-16 Castle Street in Exeter.

The workshop will consider what makes for a “happy” relationship, how to keep love alive and sustain passion as the relationship matures and how to negotiate our needs, argue safely and grow together toward authentic emotional and physical intimacy. It is designed for anyone interested in forming or developing a satisfying relationship and is suitable for individuals and couples.

Peter, who trained in psychosynthesis in New Zealand and London and is an experienced psychosynthesis counsellor and psychotherapist, said:

 “We’ve all heard that a fruitful relationship, like a garden, takes a bit of work. A strong couple needs not only to offer a nurturing frame for family and friends, but also to support each other in growing and realising their individual potential.”

He points out that it is one thing to achieve this when there is just the two of you but quite another to achieve it in the face of the competing demands of time, distance, work, money, kids, parents and friends.

“Any combination of these can put a strain on a relationship. It can be difficult to find time even to talk, and when talking dissolves into quarrelling, it is easy to lose sight of our love for our partner.”

The workshop runs from 2-5pm and costs £20. Places are limited so Peter advises early booking.  

For more information, visit or call Peter on 01392 966845.