Individual therapy

I take an integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy, meaning that I draw on a variety of techniques and therapeutic interventions tailored to your individual needs.

My focus is on each person’s unique experience while recognizing that none of us exists wholly in isolation. Each of us is the product of our familial and social situation, and we are all fundamentally interconnected. Just as you operate within the context of larger systems: families, organisations, communities and society; so your personality is made up of a network of interrelated parts. All these attributes contribute to your 'self-system': the personal situation, life circumstances and worldview that constitute who you are. 

Making connections and recognizing longstanding patterns brings new possibilities into view. As we begin to understand our patterns, we gain more choice as to how we live and relate to others, and which patterns have outlived their usefulness. Here, we might consider ‘belonging’ as verb in that rediscovering ourselves in the context of our interactions with others and the world is an ongoing process.

In my counselling and coaching work I draw on a number of theories, employing different techniques as appropriate within an inclusive psychospiritual framework. These techniques include cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Gesalt, body-centred psychotherapy, depth psychology, psychodrama, provocative therapy, imaginal work, art therapy, ecotherapy, systems theory, dialogue techniques, non-violent communication (NVC), organisational dynamics, groupwork and group facilitation.

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