Give me a call or send me a message as a first step. We can then arrange to speak and set up an initial meeting.

Call me on 01392 966845 or 07432 225011 to arrange an appointment. I might be with a client so leave a message and I will do my best to return your call within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can email me at

Each session lasts 60 minutes. This period includes time for payment and the organising of future appointment times. Any information disclosed is treated with the utmost confidence. Please note that I will arrange appointments solely with the person seeking therapy, and work through regular weekly appointments (I do not offer fortnightly or monthly counselling).

Once we agree to work together, we are committing to fully participate in the therapeutic process.

Cancellation policy

Except under exceptional circumstances, if a session is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time you will incur a full session fee. If you do need to change an appointment, please call 01392 966845, message me on 07543 225011 or email me at I will contact you to reschedule our appointment.


People often struggle with major transitions. For this reason, we will pay close attention to beginnings and endings in our work together. Accordingly, when a client decides to discontinue therapy I recommend that they don’t leave abruptly. There is considerable benefit in taking time to openly explore this decision and meeting for a final session in which to say “goodbye”. An ‘ending’ session allows the indispensable opportunity of reviewing our work together, clarifying any misapprehensions and consciously bringing the therapeutic relationship to a satisfactory close.


I operate from The Practice Rooms in Exeter and Bristol.

  • Exeter (Tuesdays & Wednesdays) at 15-16 Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PT.
  • Bristol (Thursdays) at 55 Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4LH.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently only taking on short-term clients and, in recognition of the current Covid-19 pandemic, offering therapy online (e.g. via Skype, Zoom, telephone or similar).


  • The standard fee for one-on-one counselling is £50 for a one hour session.

Payment is to be made by cash at the beginning of each session or by direct debit by advance negotiation.

With clients in challenging personal circumstances and where the full cost of therapy is prohibitive, I am willing to negotiate fees.