Below are some remarks my clients have shared with me about their experience of being in therapy:

Peter is brilliant, he has a fantastic manner and I feel very happy speaking to him. He takes notice of what I say and he is most certainly helping me uncover the things that have caused me so much upset over the years. I would recommend him to anyone.

Female client, Newton Abbot


I was at a crossroads in my life, feeling stuck and in need of support. I did not know what to expect from meeting with Peter and have been amazed at what I discovered.

Peter’s approach is respectful and accepting which enabled me to feel safe and comfortable to explore all of my feelings – nothing felt excluded. I’m now more able to make small changes and don’t give up on myself which has led on to bigger changes. I feel a growing inner confidence and a resilience to face my life with all its challenges. I discovered clarity, aliveness and joy.

I found Peter to be completely trustworthy... refreshingly direct, genuine and kind.

Female client, Bristol 


I've been working with Peter for just over a year now. I honestly do not know where I'd be without him. As a man in his thirties, I found myself reaching out to Peter during a time of pain, confusion and a complete lack of direction.

During our time together, he's taught me how to be curious about my experience and has guided me along the path to making sustained changes in my behaviour. All of which have led to me being filled with hope and gratitude for the life that I'm going to crack on and live. Peter really is a brilliant man and I really do feel privileged to have him in my corner. Thanks Peter!

Male client, Exeter


I came to Peter at a time of great confusion in my life. A time when I was lost, with no clue where to go next or how I could proceed. What began as an exploration into my current circumstances, helped me to truly understand my past - and gave me the tools to navigate my future. 

I found my time with Peter to be transformative and some of the most valuable time of my life. Peter was kind, respectful and refreshing. He helped me gain a clarity I hadn’t realised I was missing and I will always have complete confidence in recommending him. Should I need help in the future, I know I won’t hesitate to get in touch with Peter again. 

Male client, Bristol


Of all the counselling I have received over the years I have to say Peter seems to have gone the deepest into who I am and how I can survive without anxiety attacks taking over my body. Anxiety that previously has led me to become so burnt out and depressed that I am no use to anybody and lose the will to exist.

I now understand how vital it is to connect with the inner feelings of my body in order to survive whatever I am faced with everyday. Peter has encouraged me to find space to settle down and recognize the inner feelings in my body and not simply be ruled by the thoughts in my head.

It seems so easy to slip into survival mode rather than listen to how I really feel. However I now appreciate the difference between being ruled by my head and taking time to discover what my feelings are really trying to tell me.

I have great respect for what you seem to have done for me, Peter. I know you have been genuinely concerned for me and given me some of your own strength from deep within yourself. I have seen it in your eyes!! You have become a true friend with some very special ways of helping me to survive in this day and age. Thank you.

Male client, Exeter