I am currently training towards a Diploma in Supervision with the CSTD (Centre for Supervision Training & Development – CSTD Bath Supervision Training is officially recognised by the HIPC College of UKCP as a 'Recognised Supervisor Training' (RST).

As a trainee supervisor, I currently offer supervision at a reduced rate of £25 per one hour session. Please contact me if you are a counsellor, therapist, facilitator or coach looking for supervision and would be interested in working with me.

I provide a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental space while ensuring that the supervisee feels suffiently supported regarding boundaries and client containment. As a CSTD trainee supervisor, I use the 7-eyed model (Hawkins & McMahon, 2020) applied through transpersonal and ecopsychological lenses.

In supervision, I pay attention to three main aspects of client work: i) providing a sounding board and alternative perspectives; ii) attending to safe and ethical practice; iii) and supporting the supervisee in attending to self-care. I encourage each supervisee to talk openly about their experience as a practitioner and to bring any concerns they have regarding their capacity to work with clients. Beyond the relationship between client and therapist, my interest in the supervisory process extends to the ongoing professional and personal development of supervisor and supervisee as they deepen in co-creative reflective practice.